Global Consultant

Michelle has an uncanny ability to quickly assess the heart of an organization, its culture, risk tolerance, communication style and team dynamics. She hits the ground running, well prepared and provides immediate results and benefits.
— Wanda Guttas, Former EVP Union Bank


London, Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing, San Salvador, Panama City, San Juan, Basel – all diverse, global destinations where Michelle’s engagements have taken her, to do equally diverse work: Merger Integration, Corporate Strategy for C-suite and Executive Teams, Advanced Presentation Skills and Leadership Development.

Michelle is an accomplished management consultant AND she brings more to the table than that:  a little irreverent, a lot savvy, and remarkably intuitive, Michelle believes there is always a way... and she finds it. That determination, energy, and dynamism all work in her clients' favor, which is why Michelle Inc. has an impressive list of clients who have experienced powerful business results.

  • Corporate Strategy. Michelle has been a thinker in Fortune 100 strategy for 20 years on just about every subject business confronts: new markets, new products, corporate metrics, expense reduction, culture change, internal and external communication, conscious leadership and execution of Vision in DTD Operations, among other topics.
  • Complex Project Management. Michelle understands the importance of results in the fluctuating business environment and is committed to providing immediate results on time and within budget. Some of her projects include a multi-phase Finance Division organization assessment for a Fortune 500 bank, consisting of strategic planning, executive coaching, and implementing the redesign. She also successfully managed a project team of 50 contractors conducting an extensive BSA/AML Transaction Review for a large commercial bank and developed all the process workflow. Michelle has also managed dozens of project teams comprising multiple diverse initiatives AND diverse levels of personnel: 
    • Extensive process redesign
    • Job function redesign: evaluation, analysis, hiring criteria, etc.
    • "Just-in-time" staffing
    • Expense reduction
    • Improved employee engagement
  • Change Management.  Experience shows that many large-scale change efforts fail or fall short of achieving success because people typically resist change. Michelle is familiar with the complexities of measurable change in the corporate environment. She has the benefit of leading several successful projects, including managing a team comprising 45 line and staff managers (VP level), whose mission was to develop a service management process to introduce service into a sales-driven culture and effect measurable change.  Michelle understands and can help you with VUCA:  Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.
  • Post-Merger Integration. Understanding the key business challenge, adapting her approach to meet the client’s needs, and delivering desired outcomes all make Michelle stand out. Having now completed work on her seventh PMI, Michelle understands what it takes to deliver real and lasting culture change, make communications work and fix complex business processes – work anchored by Michelle’s insightful executive coaching and “big picture” thinking. She worked closely with the client’s PMO to create success by leading people out of their comfort zones and helping them step into new alliances, new processes and technologies across a multi-year effort.
Working with Michelle is like working in “dog years” - seven days of work packed into one!
— Deborah Dillon, Education Program Director, City of Phoenix