Michelle Inc. is a management consulting and corporate coaching firm in its 19th year helping companies and individuals achieve their goals quickly, effectively, and with integrity.

However, if you're expecting a standard-issue consulting firm, forget it. Michelle Inc.'s president and founder, Michelle DeAngelis, is anything but. Yes, she's an accomplished management consultant, corporate coach, facilitator, speaker, and author - yet she brings more to the table than that.

"Michelle has this knack, a radar, for sensing a problem and finding a solution... before most people would have figured out the problem. It's uncanny and provides off-the-charts value, especially in a complex, fast-paced, corporate environment." -Kathy Kilbourne, CFO/EVP Wells Fargo

A little irreverent, a lot savvy, and remarkably intuitive, Michelle believes there is always a way... and she finds it. That determination, energy, and dynamism all work in her clients' favor, which is why Michelle Inc. has an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients who experience powerful results in work and life. And they even have fun doing it.

- Not sure how to tackle that impossible project?
- On a critical merger deadline affecting thousands of employees?
- Determined to move your leadership team from good to great?

Michelle has accomplished all of these things and more. And she can do the same for you.