As founder and President of Michelle Inc., a management consulting firm in its 21st year, Michelle is a sought-after global talent who delivers results and creates peak performers for Fortune 500 companies by conducting rigorous corporate coaching, leading complex projects, and providing seasoned interim leadership. 
"Michelle has an uncanny ability to quickly assess the heart of an organization, its culture, risk tolerance, communication style and team dynamics. She hits the ground running, well prepared and provides immediate results and benefits. - Wanda Guttas, EVP, Union Bank

Yes, Michelle Inc.'s CEO and Founder, Michelle DeAngelis, is an accomplished management consultant, executive coach, facilitator, speaker, and author - yet she brings more to the table than that. A little irreverent, a lot savvy, and remarkably intuitive, Michelle believes there is always a way... and she finds it. That determination, energy, and dynamism all work in her clients' favor, which is why Michelle Inc. has an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients who experience powerful results in work and life.

- Not sure how to tackle that impossible project?
- On a critical merger deadline affecting thousands of employees?
- Determined to move your leadership team from good to great?
- Hungry for Self-Mastery?

Michelle has accomplished all of these things and more. And she can do the same for you.

In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Michelle Inc., Michelle is also proud to be a founding member of Avvartes Partners, which allows her to serve global clients with even more speed, agility and scale. Avvartes Partners is a carefully selected global team of Human Capital experts who believe that business breakthroughs start with leaders who deliver the bottom line AND who are people-focused at the same time. Visit to learn more about the global team and expertise that Michelle can bring to your company.